(17:22:13): Westwood: "... The guy's dead." (17:22:45): Your contact in artifact-related matters and an ex-enclave member - he was found dead and tortured, just as Westwood said. (17:22:54): But before that happened, he sent you something. A set of coordinates. (17:23:03): Coordinates to the time machine. The real deal. (17:23:22): There is only one person who could've been after him. And if you know where the time machine is - so does Sapphire Eyes. (17:23:46): This is why Unity Group units, and Westwood's pearl white Lion, are moving through the Gobi Desert right now. (17:24:02): To race the clock. To reach the time machine before Sapphire Eyes and her goons do.
VJockey (17:24:08): "A time machine..." (17:24:08): ... You are going to be late. (17:24:14):
tengusaur (17:25:45): Daniel: "A real one. I don't wanna think what Sapphire Eyes will do with it." (17:26:27): You're not too far from the destination point. (17:26:47): And in front of you, you hear an explosion as a pillar of smoke and sand rises and falls just as quickly!
VJockey (17:26:48): "Grah... then no think. Just crush."
Wyverncakes (17:27:17): "Good plan."
Peter Kampschroeder (17:27:32): Jen: "Oh, that's not good."
Wyverncakes (17:27:38): "WHat's that phrase... 'he who wins the present controls the past and calls the shots about the future'?"
tengusaur (17:28:26): Daniel: "Never heard it." (17:28:45): Westwood: "Looks like we got ourselves an appointment..."
frifreeman (17:28:47): Grace: "I need to be here. I can just leave her to you guys, I bet you guys are strong enough to beat her twice, but I need to face a problem myself... at least once in my life."
frifreeman (17:29:12): Grace: "And if I deal with this myself that means my quota for "dealing with problem myself" for my life is done then, heh." (17:29:17): His eyes narrow as you pass a tall dune and see it. (17:29:36): In front of you - partially uncovered by a large explosion. Buildings. An ancient city
tengusaur (17:29:37): Daniel: "Grace..."
tengusaur (17:29:55): Daniel: "You can say something cool sometimes."
frifreeman (17:30:42): Grace: "I'm always cool!" (17:30:45): Around the city, units are swarming around and boosting on the sand - various ragtag types, Sapphire Eyes' mercenaries. (17:31:07): Westwood: "Doesn't look like she got the time machine yet..."
VJockey (17:31:24): Slag: "Then me Slag say crush all before they have chance!!" (17:31:26): Westwood: "If she did, Sapphire Eyes'd be unstoppable."
VJockey (17:31:37): [Tricera-bot is really eager to move in for the kill.]
tengusaur (17:31:52): Daniel: "She brought a big company to buy time for that, though."
Wyverncakes (17:32:33): Roy: "That many? What the heck's she paying them with?"
VJockey (17:33:32): Grimlock: "Old city. Would have more than Time Machine."
VJockey (17:33:43): "Treasure maybe."
Peter Kampschroeder (17:34:02): Jen: "This is going to get rather hectic, isn't it." (17:34:11): Seeing you appear out of sudden, the enemies are converging in your direction! (17:34:23): ???: "Wait!" (17:34:36): Sapphire Eyes: "Did someone call my name?"
frifreeman (17:34:42): Grace: "Ancient treasure you say...?"
tengusaur (17:34:56): Daniel: "...There she is." (17:35:24): The black TSF steps casually between the mercs. (17:36:24): Sapphire Eyes: "What a surprise! But I'm afraid I win this time. Aren't you here to congratulate me in person?" (17:36:48): The TSF's head snaps in the direction of Grace's mobile suit.
Wyverncakes (17:36:55): Roy: "Maybe. We're kinda in the mood for dancing too!"
Wyverncakes (17:36:59): "Dancing on your grave!" (17:37:01): Sapphire Eyes: "Everything I lay my claim on... will soon be mine."
Wyverncakes (17:37:08): ... That sounded better in his head.
frifreeman (17:37:29): Grace: "Well, we're not in the Holy Sapphire Eyes Earth Empire yet, so I assume you haven't activated the time machine!" (17:37:48): Westwood: "Well observed. Actually..." (17:38:08): Westwood: "Sapphire Eyes, we need to talk. In private, just the three of us."
tengusaur (17:38:43): Daniel: "..."
tengusaur (17:38:48): Daniel: "What for?"
frifreeman (17:38:51): Grace: "By the three of us you mean me?" (17:39:22): Westwood: "I got a plan..." He mutters under his breath, talking on a comm line Sapphire Eyes can't hear. (17:39:54): Westwood: "A plan, and that means you're comin' with me Grace."
tengusaur (17:40:53): Daniel: "Grace. You okay with this?" (17:41:01): Sapphire Eyes: "Ha! Everything I could've asked for. Come, come - I'll give you a warm welcome!"
frifreeman (17:41:01): Grace whispers in private comm. "I know I can depend on you, Westwood! BEcause franklu, I don't know how to beat Sapphire Eyes now." (17:41:48): Westwood: "She'll try some of her usual time tricks. That's why I need the rest of you to stay behind. I have a way of dealing with her now." (17:42:15): The Lion flies forward.
frifreeman (17:42:30): Grace's Daughtress follows.
tengusaur (17:42:35): Daniel: "Do what you have to. I'm ready to step in when stuff goes wrong." (17:42:38): The enemy ranks open, clearing a way for Westwood and Grace - towards the city, where Sapphire Eyes waits.
VJockey (17:42:40): [Grimlock simply grunts as he readies his sword.]
VJockey (17:42:52): [As do Slag and Snarl]
Peter Kampschroeder (17:43:05): Jen: "...So..what. We just wait here?" (17:43:11): If a fight breaks out now, you will have a bit of a distance to cover to reach your friends, not to mention all enemies in the way. (17:43:37): Westwood: "Well..." (17:43:47): The three units stand, facing each other off in the sun. (17:43:59): Sapphire Eyes: "What is this about? Are you going to offer what is mine to me?" (17:44:24): Sapphire Eyes: "You ran away enough times. And you, bounty hunter, look well enough for someone I left bleeding!"
tengusaur (17:45:44): Daniel: "For now. Yes." Steel Wanderer stands at ready, its hand hovering near the Gun of God. (17:46:43): Westwood: "The Enclave's decided this time machine is too dangerous. If you lay your hands on it, you can change the history... control the world." (17:47:21): Westwood: "Doesn't matter if you're Sapphire Eyes, or Grace Wallach, or anyone else." (17:47:39): Westwood: "The machine's too dangerous to exist." (17:48:55): Westwood: "And so are their keys. That means, both of you. Sorry, Grace."
frifreeman (17:49:19): Grace: "W... huh? What are you talking about Westwood?" (17:49:45): Units are approaching rapidly from the flank. (17:49:57): Sapphire Eyes: "Well isn't that a... ha!" (17:50:10): The Zhuravlik is reaching and quickly throwing a knife! (17:50:30): But before Sapphire Eyes can let loose of it, an explosion in the middle between the three of you! (17:50:45): The Enclave units appear on a tall dune to your side. (17:51:11): Heavy Barrelions start bombardment of the ruins and the mercenaries' positions, while other units are rapidly descending towards Sapphire Eyes' men! (17:51:28): Not that they do nothing, rallying to fight back as explosions appear around them!
Wyverncakes (17:51:49): Roy: "The heck's going on?!?" (17:51:59): Sapphire Eyes: "Kill them, kill them all!" (17:52:25): Both the TSF and Grace's Daughress are under threat of being shredded by explosions, just as Westwood leaps to a side alley of the ancient city! (17:52:30): Grace, react.
tengusaur (17:53:03): Daniel: "Tch... Things got rocky."
frifreeman (17:53:17): Grace jumps away from the explosion, still confused. "Westwood, tell them to not aim too close! You're joking right? OR this is part of your plan?"
frifreeman (17:53:49): Grace: "I.. I might have done some petty crime, but you know me! I will never try to conquer the world or use the time machine for evil or something!" (17:54:00): Grace doesn't suffer a direct strike, but her unit is knocked back a few meters - and when she comes by, both Westwood and Sapphire Eyes are gone from your sight. But you can still hear them... (17:54:31): Westwood: "This ain't my call to make this time. You staying alive is too much of a threat for the whole world and the Enclave recognizes it." (17:54:40): Westwood: "Sorry. Stay out of this, Unity Group..."
Wyverncakes (17:54:59): Roy: "The heck we will!"
tengusaur (17:55:12): Daniel: "Westwood. Don't do this."
tengusaur (17:55:30): Daniel: "You know Grace. Do you really think she's a threat? For the whole world?" (17:56:02): The two armies start moving towards each other, but many of Sapphire Eyes' mercs are still in the way between you and Grace, not to mention holed up in the city.
VJockey (17:56:14): "Slag. Snarl. Fight everyone. Except Unity Group people." (17:56:52): Enemies (Sapphire Eyes): Su-27 Zhuravlik Sapphire Eyes Custom (Sapphire Eyes), Daughtress High Mobility x8, Septem Kai x12, Genoace x8, Desperado x6
Peter Kampschroeder (17:57:06): Jen: "I'm with the big guy. Let god sort them out." (17:57:25): Enemies (The Enclave): Lion Westwood Custom (Westwood), Huckebein Mark II M x12, Landlion x20, Barrelion x8 (17:57:36): Daughtress High Mobility

Septem Kai


Desperado (17:57:39): Huckebein Mark II M


Barrelion (17:58:00): The high mobility units from the bandits' side are on the outside of the city, the rest is holed up. (17:58:05): Grace, Daniel, Grimlock, go now. (17:58:35): (Also, the Daughtresses are armed with flamethrowers)
frifreeman (18:00:00):
frifreeman (18:00:13): (music, start)
VJockey (18:00:13): *Grimlock charges towards the mercenary lines, beginning his attack by duelling a Desperado! Meanwhile, Slag and Snarl transform into their Dinosaur forms and the Enclave Barrellions will find a rampaging Triceratops and Stegosaurus charging at them while breathing fire!+
frifreeman (18:00:26): Grace's Daughtress run low in between the ancient city's ruined building. She's still trying to understand what's going on.
frifreeman (18:02:12): Grace spots Sapphire Eyes' and Westwood's machine from in-between the buildings, but decide to shoots at the assassin now with both of her guns. "Is this because of my swindling? You really think I'll be using the time machine to swindle the Inca out of their gold or something?"
frifreeman (18:02:13): +
tengusaur (18:02:17): Daniel: "...Reinforcements incoming. Hold on, Grace." He sounds a bit depressed by Westwood's betrayal. Regardless, Steel Wanderer rushes forward, quickly taking cover behind the ruins of an ancient building, then peeks behind a corner and fires three armor-piercing Longinus shots at Sapphire Eyes' cronies that are in the way. + (18:03:49): Sapphire Eyes: "There you are!" She dodges, taking refuge behind a building while leaving thrown knives in her wake! (18:03:51): However... (18:04:14): Westwood: "Grace, you're a good kid. I know that. You wouldn't use the time machine for your own gain." (18:05:03): The Lion fires several missiles from its pod arm - while simultaneously shooting the chaingun, causing them to explode. The cloud of shrapnel engulfs Sapphire Eyes' thrown projectiles! (18:05:33): Westwood: "But what if you're captured and forced to use it? What if you're tortured? What if there's a hostage?" (18:05:45): Westwood: "What would you do then?" (18:05:54): The chaingun keeps on firing, towards Grace's Daughtress as well! (18:05:55): React. (18:06:48): A Desperado is swinging its shovel towards Grimlock. (18:07:00): He quickly cuts it in half, another blow sending the mobile suit flying!
VJockey (18:07:23): "Out of Grimlock's way!"
frifreeman (18:07:24): Grace:"N.. no!" Grace's Daughtress shimmers, and runes starts to materializes on its body. From her point of view, everything stands still and she easily jump out of the way of the bullets, before suddenly everything start to move at the normal speed again+ (18:07:27): However the two other Dinobots find the approach towards the artillery units difficult - there is a long distance, and seeing them come closer, the Barrelions fire at them instead. React!
frifreeman (18:09:01): Grace: "I'll... I'll hide myself! I'll use alias! I'll keep moving. I won't let anyone know I have the key!" (18:09:08): A duo of Septems zoom towards the Steel Wanderer, preparing to fire their bazookas - but Daniel was faster, reaching the cover and shooting them down. The mobile suits fall down, smoking...
tengusaur (18:09:17): Daniel: "Same could be said about all special powers." (18:09:22): And suddenly something else digs up from the sand behind him! (18:09:25): Daughseat III (18:09:32): The Daughseat's beam cannons fire! React. (18:10:01): Grace avoids the bullets... (18:10:08): But as time returns to normal, several of them hit her from behind! (18:10:21): They ricocheted off the building - not by accident, that was deliberate. (18:10:33): Westwood: "Are you sure about that?" (18:10:47): The Lion flies at low altitude, between buildings, annoyingly disappearing from sight again.
VJockey (18:10:48): *If the Enclave thought that two of the most stubborn Dinobots, even among their own numbers would stop for even an Artillery Barrage... well they were wrong. If anything Slag charges even faster, feet gouging out chunks of ground as he picks up speed while Snarl takes the full effect of being out in the sun in the middle of the Desert. While Slag chooses to rush through, Snarl simply makes himself more durable and makes to weather the assault!+
tengusaur (18:10:48): Daniel: "...!" He quickly falls back, Steel Wanderer smashing its shoulder into the wall, trying to make the ancient stone blocks fall on or near the suddenly attacking enemy and provide cover from its assault. +
VJockey (18:11:57): *Snarl uses his solar collectors to gather energy to make himself (18:12:38): Westwood: "These're words. Prove them, Grace. If you can beat Sapphire Eyes and me, then maybe..." (18:13:37): Daniel creates an improvised barrier through which the Daughseat's beams quickly burn down... but not quickly enough, he gets out of harm's way! (18:13:49): Just in time for more enemies to converge towards this general location.
tengusaur (18:14:08): Daniel: "Good Alex is not here to see this." (18:15:11): Snarl is being pummeled by Barrelion cannons. He can take it, but he is held still. At least the barrage on Grace and the ruins grows less intense. (18:15:23): Slag on the other hand moves under the projectiles... (18:15:31): and is suddenly turned on his back by an explosion under him! (18:15:47): Sapphire Eyes: "Oh, you found the little presents I laid down in preparation? Too prematurely, I'm afraid..."
frifreeman (18:15:49): Grace: "Argh!" She rolls away to cover, checking the damage from the bullet richocet.
VJockey (18:16:11): Slag: "GRAAAAAGH! ME SLAG TEAR YOU OUT OF MACHINE AND STOMP YOU TO PULP!" (18:16:11): No serious damage yet, it was only a chaingun. But still - Westwood can fight even people with time hax powers.
VJockey (18:16:16): "THEN SLAG STOMP ON PULP!" (18:16:17): Roy, Astara, Jen, go.
Wyverncakes (18:18:20): * Wagner lunges at the high-mobility Daughtresses. They might be fast, but so is Roy, his rocket anchor firing out at one and his arm cannon firing at another!+
Peter Kampschroeder (18:20:35): *Jen makes her way through the city streets, using Nemain's small size to dart in and around concealment. She starts skirmishing Sapphire Eyes's mercenaries, firing on them with her rifle. Then she darts for another bit of shelter, and continues.+ (18:20:38): One of the Daughtresses's advance is halted as it's grabbed by the anchor. Roy turns towards another, the offhand firing cannon rounds once and again - the unit is destroyed! (18:20:51): But the damaged Daughtress does not give up yet, and fires its flamethrower at the Wagner! (18:20:52): React. (18:22:07): One of the Genoaces points towards Nemain! Enemy spotted! (18:22:19): Then, it gets ripped by Jen's rifle quickly. (18:22:36): The rest start running towards her position, and more importantly.
Aero (18:22:42): * Astara starts running along the roofs of the ancient buildings, she finally had an excuse to use the desert cloak she was keeping around in case of she ever needed. Her target is the Barrelions and once she closed the distance a massive fist suddenly emerges from a magic emblem, flying towards the oversized AM. + (18:22:55): From a nearby ancient building, trio of mobile suits pop out. (18:22:59): Pyron (18:23:20): The Pyrons wield heavy machine guns on tripods - they put them down and fire a large barrage of lead towards Nemain. React!
tengusaur (18:23:51): Daniel: "They just keep on coming."
Wyverncakes (18:24:25): * Roy plants his sword in the ground and has the cable reel in the machine... and then it's time to dive for cover with more shots at the mech's backside!+ (18:24:43): One of the Barrelions is suddenly hit and explodes. (18:25:03): The Huckebeins which were playing guard to the artillery notice the small target, or at least the direction where the attack came from. (18:25:20): Astara comes under attack by photon rifle shots ! React. (18:25:48): Grace, Daniel and Grimlock can move (18:26:32): Roy reels in both the enemy and flames. The Wagner is feeling the heat... which ends when one of the shots penetrates the enemy fuel tank, causing the mobile suit to explode!
tengusaur (18:26:44): (need enemy list) (18:26:53):
Enemies (Sapphire Eyes): Su-27 Zhuravlik Sapphire Eyes Custom (Sapphire Eyes), Daughtress High Mobility x6, Septem Kai x10, Genoace x8, Desperado x5, Daughseat III, Pyron x3

Enemies (The Enclave): Lion Westwood Custom (Westwood), Huckebein Mark II M x12, Landlion x20, Barrelion x7
Peter Kampschroeder (18:27:24): *Jen: "Where did you find all these people!" Nemain launches a grenade towards the center Pyron, and flees behind a nearby building.+ (18:28:57): The middle Pyron explodes, and the two on the sides are thrown back as well. (18:29:22): These mobile suits are not too tough, even if their firepower left a trail of bullets on the sand in Nemain's wake
tengusaur (18:29:22): * Daniel jumps away from the Daughtseat, sending a single Medard shot into its direction (try to pursue when you're entangled in a sticky net!), then tries to get closer to Grace and the leaders of the two armies, firing a second Medard towards the Landlions on the way. +
VJockey (18:30:14): *Grimlock is going to contiue to try force his way through to the three way battle, slashing and punching at anything that dares get in his way. Slag meanwhile transforms with several angry cybertronian expletives that sound like mechanical screeches of the damned. Rather than risking any more mines he takes a leap at a Barrellion in an attempt to punch it to pieces. Snarl simply continues to move towards them undaunted by shell or mine.+
tengusaur (18:30:35): Daniel: "...I looked up to you, Westwood." (18:31:19): The Daughseat tries to follow Steel Wanderer's movements, which is hard when it's suddenly trapped in a net!
Aero (18:31:24): * Instead of retreating Astara leaps up towards the Huckebeins, using Maxwell's disembodied limbs to guard herself from the photon rifle shots. If it was just simple machines like this she could stay on foot and still handle them. "Fortuna." A sphere of darkness swirls in Astara's hands before forming what seems to be a rocket launcher, which she fires at the Huckebeins as Maxwell continues to block the shots. + (18:31:53): It struggles against the entanglement. (18:32:11): A few Landlions are already entering the ancient city proper - but the Medard suddenly sticks them to the walls. (18:32:45): Septems suddenly boost in, a trio of them firing bazookas towards the trapepd Landlions - and the Steel Wanderer who trapped them! React. (18:33:23): Westwood: "I'm not sure you realize the threat we're talkin' about here Daniel." (18:34:18): Westwood: "This isn't just a special power. The time machine can be used to take over the world. Soon as they hear about it, all kinds of unsavory people will try to get at Grace to put their hands on it." (18:34:28): Westwood: "Are you fine with being on the run for all your life?" (18:34:46): The Lion bursts from hiding, flying above Grace's Daughtress while firing its railgun as it passes overhead. (18:34:48): React!
tengusaur (18:35:56): Daniel quickly turns the chamber of the Gun of God, bracing Steel Wanderer's feet against the ground as he slams the revolver's hammer repeatedly, sending several beam spray shots into the direction of the shells, trying to blow them up preemptively. If some of them hit the Septems, that's good too. + (18:36:10): (Grace react, I mean. May combine action with the react)
tengusaur (18:36:29): Daniel: "Bad guys gunning for us all the time? That's already happening." (18:37:02): The photon rifle shots are tanked by Maxwell's arm. The damage doesn't accumulate to be too serious yet, with Astara firing back. Two Huckebeins are hit and fall down, promptly exploding afterwards.
VJockey (18:37:02): "Westwood human dumb as brick." (18:37:24): Westwood: "In five, ten years from now on?"
frifreeman (18:39:00): Grace:"I'll... I'll fight them back! I won't let anyone use my power for evil!" Grace aims above and concentrate. In an instant, she can see the railgun bullet suspending in the air, and she desperately tries to shoot at it with both of her guns in rapid fire.+
Peter Kampschroeder (18:40:30): Jen: "I dunno, I mean, he makes a compelling argument."
VJockey (18:40:55): "Jen."
Aero (18:41:14): Astara: "I don't think I'm in any position to argue against him..."
Peter Kampschroeder (18:41:32): Jen: "Hey now, didn't say I wasn't gonna fight him."
VJockey (18:41:54): "Making sure." (18:42:00): The artillery barrage quiets down for a second. Barrelions are suddenly attacked by Dinobots, one of them is heavily damaged and falls down, its armor torn up. (18:42:05): The rest are flying up. What cheaters!
Wyverncakes (18:42:47): Roy: "Well Mr. West-not-so-good is still asking for us to just let someone die."
Wyverncakes (18:42:51): "Bodyguards don't do that."
VJockey (18:42:59): [Slag is making his displeasure known by shaking his fist at them.] (18:45:02): At the same time Grimlock is moving through the battlefield. A Landlion approaches him - and is cut down. (18:45:19): Four others decide it's a bad move to do so, and instead start flanking and shooting railguns on the move! (18:45:20): React! (18:46:32): The Septems' bazooka shots explode mid-air, a cloud of heat and dust created between them and the Steel Wanderer. (18:46:47): One of them was also pierced by the beams and explodes, while the others already zoom away and disappear in a side street.
Wyverncakes (18:47:27): # Grimlock? (18:47:39): Approved
VJockey (18:48:20): *Grimlock snarls and does his best to leap and dodge through the incoming fire with all the agility an alien space robot can muster!+
Wyverncakes (18:48:30): * "Hang on!" The Wagner boosts towards the offending Landlions, swords slashing apart their guns first, their bodies second!+ (18:49:02): Grace concentrates and fires at the (from her perspective) still railgun shot... (18:49:27): Westwood: "Then we'll make it a test. If you can stop bad guys coming at you, you can stop me for sure!" (18:49:53): The Lion is already spiralling down, hiding behind a building with Westwood preparing a missile launcher to fire... (18:50:17): Sapphire Eyes: "You act so full of yourself. Time to disappear, little buzzing fly!" (18:51:02): The TSF springs from hiding, leaping down at the Lion with knives in hand, trying to stab at it with one hand... another throwing at the Daughtress! (18:51:05): Grace, react.
tengusaur (18:51:41): # Grace? (18:51:53): Rejected, you are too far away and there are enemies in the way.
tengusaur (18:52:05): (okay.jpg) (18:53:31): The Wagner slams into one of the Landlions, destroying its weapon and then the off-balance unit. (18:54:02): This causes an opening for Grimlock to dodge towards. Yet, one of the attacks hits his flank. The damage is not critical, but... (18:54:06): Roy, Astara, Jen, go again.
Wyverncakes (18:55:00): "You okay, big guy?"
frifreeman (18:55:24): Grace throws a couple of smoke bombs the daughters appears beside sapphire eyes, she anchored a cable to a building and used it as pivot point to circle around! "I will beat you both, and prove I can defend myself!" She says, rapidly bullets and beams toward both Sapphire Eyes nad Westwood+
Wyverncakes (18:55:50): * Still more Landlions to take down though. Switching to explosive rounds for his gun, Roy fires on the other three!+
Peter Kampschroeder (18:56:15): (general picture of enemy count/where they are? This is rather chaotic) (18:57:24): (The city mostly has Desperados and Genoaces around, the latter explicitly after Jen. Also the Pyrons, and Sapphire Eyes and Westwood fighting Grace)
VJockey (18:57:40): "me Grimlock fine... Which one shoot?"
VJockey (18:58:09): [There was an edge to his words. His pride, not to mention his body was wounded. There wasn't any way he was going to let that stand.] (18:59:18): The thrown blade nicks the Daughtress - and the mobile suit is getting close! (18:59:38): Sapphire Eyes: "Resisting, are you? I like that, but I'll erode that will to fight down! Ha ha ha!" (19:00:17): Despite her laugh she is forced to retreat, barely sinking the blade into the Lion. Westwood uses this opportunity to make himself scarce as well, both the TSF and the Lion having taken damage from the barrage - moreso the latter. (19:01:35): Roy fires on the Landlions, which regroup but one stumbles, the legs caught in the blast with the rest of the unit following. (19:02:09): There is a glint above - something stands atop the tallest of the ruined buildings. (19:02:10): (19:02:17): A Shaldoll with a large beam minigun. (19:02:22): It clicks something held in hand. (19:02:39): A series of explosions rumbles through the battlefield, from the side of the Enclave's approach!
Wyverncakes (19:02:41): Roy: "What the-?"
Wyverncakes (19:02:47): "HOLY CRAAAAAAP!"
Aero (19:03:02): * Astara joins in on barrage, changing Fortuna to a strange looking weapon that wrapped around her arm that began to glow with purple energy. A few seconds later the weapon fires, unleashing several purple lasers that darted around in linear angles to home onto the rest of the Barellions. + (19:03:03): Several of the Landlions are engulfed in napalm mines, including the ones Roy is fighting. (19:03:13): Unfortunately, Roy is right next to another one! React.
Peter Kampschroeder (19:04:11): *Jen: "Well, I hope nobody's too in love with the city here." She focuses her nanobot cloud into three long cutting whips coming from her right arm. When the Genoaces next show up, she fires at them with her rifle before slicing at them-and then keeps the slicing attack going when they go for cover, cutting through the ancient buildings to get at them. The Pyrons get targetted too, with Jen hiding from their machineguns and then slicing through her own cover to get at them.+
Wyverncakes (19:04:26): * Much as Roy wants to blast that jerk, evasion comes first so the Wagner jets away!+ (19:05:09): The Barrelions come under attack by the lasers. Astara further thins their number out and suppresses their barrage. (19:05:28): However this means Sapphire Eyes' mercenaries are at an advantage now. Astara is shadowed as a mobile suit jumps from below. A Genoace spins its heat shovel! (19:05:34): And brings it down on her! React (19:05:58): (A Desperado, not a Genoace) (19:08:19): The Genoaces charge forward - only to be suppressed by Jen's fire. Then comes the slice, which catches two of them and the Pyrons. A series of explosions further damages the priceless old ruins. (19:08:35): The other Genoaces are backing away instead, trying to fire back with beam spray guns. (19:09:01): Also, behind Jen, the Daughseat is free - and fires a torpedo, which moves through the sand and explodes when near her feet. React! (19:09:49): Grace, Daniel, Grimlock - go now (19:10:24): The Wagner is hot again! A splash of napalm burns into its side, leaving scorch marks on its shield. But, Roy leaps away before any really horrible damage could be done.
VJockey (19:11:25): *That tall building that Shadoll with the Minigun is on? Guess what Grimlock is going to do. If you thought climb it you were wrong. He's going to punch it and collapse the building under the mobile suit and prepare himself for when it falls.&
Peter Kampschroeder (19:12:01): *Jen: "Trash!" Nemain jumps to avoid the attack-then uses its grappling line to yank it back t the ground and to the side. A burst from her rifle gets sent the Daughseat's way.+
tengusaur (19:13:52): * Daniel: "Julian, go." He opens the chamber of the Gun of God, inserts a single bullet into it, and spins it. As soon as it stops spinning, he fires! The bullet ricochets a few times off nearby walls, and the bodies of Desperados and other minions of Sapphire Eyes on the way (with much more destructive effect), before flying towards its final target, Westwood's Lion! + (19:14:45): Spray gun shots have large spread, and fly close to Nemain - but Jen gets away from harm, going up and swinging. The torpedo explodes underneath her harmlessly, and she fires at the Daughseat. (19:14:53): The MS takes a few shots. Damaged, but still operational.
Aero (19:15:18): * "Maxwell!" The disembodied limbs tear out again to grab hold of the shaft of the heat shotel and get it out of the Desperado's hands. Astara herself takes aim at the joints of the Desperado and fires another round from Fortuna to completely disable the machine. + (19:15:27): The Shaldoll looks for more targets. Suddenly, the building it stands on rumbles. (19:15:46): The unit loses balance and falls down, followed by the building's stone blocks. (19:16:00): But while falling, it already spins the machinegun, having spotted its next victim - Grimlock. (19:16:06): React/continue, also mind the falling rubble! (19:16:56): The Desperado struggles, only to find itself disarmed! (19:17:23): But even without its shovel, it just slams down on Astara with its bare hands! Except that she fires and causes them to flail out of control. (19:17:29): The building you're both standing on collapses.
frifreeman (19:17:50): Grace flies up from behind the dust toward Sapphire Eyes. "And first, I'll deal with you!" Runes lit up on her Dauhgtress, and as time stop from her point of view, she fires her gun rapidly! The bullets stos right after they leave the gun, so right before Grace let her concentration go, there's a screen of bullets in front of her now. And with a blink, time speed up again, and they all launch.+ (19:18:57): A Genoace and a Desperado are caught in the Julian's ricocheting attack, the latter deflecting it with its shovel (and causing the weapon to explode uselessly) (19:19:11): Westwood: "So it's come to this, eh?"
VJockey (19:19:26): *Grimlock lets out a growl before leaping upwards, kicking off the falling rubble towards the Shadoll! Rather than beat it to death though the moment he makes impact he's going to forcibly turn its gun on the Landlions - specifically the one that shot him - and join the Shadoll on the ride down.+
tengusaur (19:19:52): Daniel: "Afraid so." (19:20:35): The Lion fires a swarm of missiles to meet the ricocheting bullet - but both of its arms are raised in attack, the other firing a railgun shot which deflects off a building and threatens to hit the Wanderer's flank. (19:20:36): React! (19:22:38): Sapphire Eyes: "Taking initiative all out of sudden?" (19:22:59): The black TSF is shining as runes appear on its surface as well! (19:23:12): In the blink of an eye, it disappears!
tengusaur (19:23:13): Daniel: "He missed...? No. It's like Julian!" Steel Wanderer jumps back, its joints creaking as it rolls on the ground and crouches behind the wall of another building! + (19:23:32): The bullets hit thin air, and the TSF is suddenly in front of the Daughtress, trying to tackle it with its edgy surface. (19:23:56): And also - there are knives in the air around you, ready to fly off and stab the daughtress as soon as the time stop wears off! (19:23:58): React, Grace (19:27:32): Daniel rolls behind cover, the railgun shot causing sand to raise where he was a second ago. (19:27:55): The missiles explode in front of you, but too far to deal any damage, cover or not. (19:28:59): Grimlock jumps up and secures a grip on the SHaldoll and its weapon! (19:29:18): He aims it towards the Landlions, which scatter in the sand, one by one caught by the explosions. (19:29:43): Then, both of you land on the ground heavily. The Shaldoll is already grabbing for a melee weapon... and Sapphire Eyes' men are rushing towards you! (19:29:54): (No react needed - yet)
frifreeman (19:30:16): Grace: "I can do this! More time! More more more more more!" the rune lit up and grace concentrates to block the knives aiming to more dangerous spots o her mech with her guns.+ (19:31:21): The knives fly towards Grace! And slow down again, enough for her to get in a position where they won't hit anything vital. The time returns to normal... (19:31:47): And Sapphire Eyes tackles into the Daughtress, the ZHuravlik's many sharp and deliberately edgy surfaces cutting into it! (19:32:00): The two are grappling now, but this is much more painful for the MS! (19:32:12): Sapphire Eyes: "Who is on the top now, hmm?!" (19:32:21): Roy, Astara, Jen, go
Wyverncakes (19:33:00): (Is Roy close enough to attack Sapphire Eyes?)
Peter Kampschroeder (19:33:26): (same question for jen's part) (19:33:36): (Jen yes, but Roy is outside the city)
tengusaur (19:34:23): Steel Wanderer stands up after the dust settles. Daniel looks around. The situation is not good. Grimlock is in trouble, and Grace is in even more trouble.
tengusaur (19:34:34): Daniel: "..."
Wyverncakes (19:34:52): (Okay)
Wyverncakes (19:35:34): "Don't worry," Roy tells Daniel.
Wyverncakes (19:35:45): "I'll cover the big guy."
Wyverncakes (19:37:34): * Wagner moves to group up with Grimlock, its spear being thrown out at a nearby Landlion as more explosive shots were fired into the others!+
Peter Kampschroeder (19:38:55): *Jen withdraws those cutting wires. She fires on enemies wherever they crop up, but she's gotten nearer to Grace-and sees the trouble her fellow scoundrel is in. "" Those nanobots collapse her rifle, turning it a large MS-sized revolver and a bunch of random metal. "Grace!" Jen calls out, throwing the gun to her. "Catch!"&
Wyverncakes (19:39:26): (Edit: going after the Daughtresses attacking Grimlock)
frifreeman (19:40:10): Grace: "Urgh, thanks Jen!" Grace drops her now useless revolver and catch Jen's gun (19:40:39): Sapphire Eyes: "You mind? We're having a private moment here!" (19:41:03): Offhandedly, she flicks the TSF's hand and sends several knives flying in a fan towards the Nemain.
Peter Kampschroeder (19:41:05): Jen: "Phrasing!" (19:41:06): React/continue, Jen!
frifreeman (19:41:28): # (19:41:32): Approved
frifreeman (19:42:23): Grace spread her free arm and let loose a couple of shots toward the knife with the gun Jen had just thrown her.+ (19:42:42): A high mobility Daughtress zooms from out of cover - and it is pierced by Roy's spear, the MS going up in a fireball! (19:43:16): Septems coming from two sides around it fare little better - one of the sides suppressed by explosive shots to which one of them succumbs. (19:43:42): From the other side though, two jump over wrecks and fire, one from air with a machinegun, the other below, crouching while it launches a bazooka shell. (19:43:43): React, Roy.
Peter Kampschroeder (19:44:54): *Jen gets running to try to avoid the rest of those knives. Her leftover scrap metal gets turned into cutting wires-six of them in all, this time. "Alright...No guts, no glory..." She runs through the city streets, and sets upon any of the mercenaries she can find with a whirlwind of slices!+ (19:45:26): The knives are shot at by Grace, and fall to the sand uselessly! (19:45:35): Sapphire Eyes: "Aah?" (19:45:53): Jen turns while spinning the wires - only to see a Desperado raising its shovel to smack down on her. (19:46:00): A Desperado that quickly gets cut to ribbons.
Wyverncakes (19:46:07): * Wagner skirts to the side to avoid the bazooka shell, shield raised high to ward off the machinegun fire! His rocket anchor fires out that the airborne machine too, and which a quick yank sends it crashing down into its partner!+ (19:46:32): The surrounding area seems clear of enemies now. Most of the fighting is done outside the city, there is only Sapphire Eyes here now. And Westwood - but his Lion has disappeared somewhere again. (19:47:50): The shield is taking further damage but not for long, Roy grabs the higher moving enemy and throws them down on the other. The two collapse into a heap of frantically moving limbs and ms parts! (19:48:11): Grace, Daniel, Grimlock - go now (19:48:15): (Astara can also go) (19:48:45): Also the Shaldoll with which Grimlock is struggling already draws a heat rod, which heats up manacingly...
Aero (19:48:49): (Enemy count?) (19:49:37): Enemies (Sapphire Eyes): Su-27 Zhuravlik Sapphire Eyes Custom (Sapphire Eyes), Daughtress High Mobility x5, Septem Kai x8 (2 damaged), Genoace x3, Desperado x2, Daughseat III (damaged), Shaldoll with beam minigun

Enemies (The Enclave): Lion Westwood Custom (Westwood), Huckebein Mark II M x6, Landlion x8, Barrelion x5
VJockey (19:49:55): *Grimlock is going to punch the Shaldoll with both hands- wait no. He's transforming. That's actually worse. The Shaldoll pilot will find Grimlock's metal teeth seeking to tear open its torso to open the cockpit to air and unleash an immense torrent of flame into it.+ (19:50:03): The Desperados and Genoaces are hiding somewhere in the city
VJockey (19:50:10): [If you wanted Mercy, you should have fought Optimus Prime.] (19:50:13): the Daughseat is lurking near it as well (19:51:20): The Barrelions and Huckebeins are being pinned down courtesy of various allied attacks, but not for much longer possibly. (19:51:58): The heat rod stabs at Grimlock - only to be intercepted and ripped apart by his massive maw. (19:52:12): Seeing what is happening, the torso being torn, the Shaldoll's pilot has only one thing left to do. (19:52:14): Click.
tengusaur (19:52:16): Daniel: "I'll keep the others at bay. Need help with Sapphire eyes, Grace?" While asking, he loads two explosive Barbara bullets into his gun, sending them towards the Septems and Daughtresses to discourage them from getting any nearer. + (19:52:23): The MS and its beam weapon both explode. (19:52:24): React!
frifreeman (19:53:04): Grace now spins around Sapphire Eyes, throwing grenades all around her, and setting them to explode at random. "Can't talk, too busy fighting crazy assassin."+
VJockey (19:53:05): *Dino Dodge! The T-Rex backflips off of the exploding MS and transforms mid-air!+ (19:54:06): The Septems which try to appear from behind the corner (created mostly of destroyer former units) are caught in explosions. (19:54:10): The rest decide wisely to stay away. (19:54:20): From behind you, Daniel.
Aero (19:54:20): * Maxwell explodes out from the remains of the building Astara crashed through earlier with the Desperado's Heat Shotel in hand. Astara tosses the weapon towards the Shaldoll, sending it whirling towards the machine red hot after being heated up even further by the Kijin. + (19:54:49): The Daughseat is half-burried in the sand, and fires another sand-moving torpedo again. (19:55:16): The Shaldoll is cut in half, which stops its self destruct from going off. (19:55:45): Its upper and lower halves fall to the ground, the shovel between them.
Aero (19:55:45): Astara: "That was close..." (19:56:00): React Daniel (19:56:15): Sapphire Eyes focuses back on Grace - only for the mobile suit to be gone, replaced by a grenade. (19:56:23): She jumps away, only for more explosives to fall at her feet! (19:56:38): Sapphire Eyes: "Aren't you dirty?!" (19:56:59): She tries to kick a grenade away before it can go off - towards Grace's Daughtress of course! React.
tengusaur (19:57:19): Daniel: "Again...!" Steel Wanderer jumps on top of a nearby short construction, and mid-air it turns around, firing a single Longinus bullet in an attempt to blow up the torpedo early!
frifreeman (19:57:23): Grace: "No, I'm the most totally honest merchant out there."
frifreeman (19:57:56): Grace clicks a button, and all the remaining unexploded grenades exlodes before they can do any danger to her or her friends+ (19:58:52): The grenade explodes at the TSF's foot, throwing it back - into more explosions! (19:59:14): Sapphire Eyes shrieks in surprise and tries to boost away from harm, but her unit is damaged by the explosives. (19:59:38): The torpedo explodes halfway between the Steel Wanderer and the Daughseat. Whcih already loads another torpedo. (19:59:43): Roy, Astara, Jen, go again.
Wyverncakes (20:00:17): (Eenemies left?) (20:01:08): Enemies (Sapphire Eyes): Su-27 Zhuravlik Sapphire Eyes Custom (Sapphire Eyes), Daughtress High Mobility x4, Septem Kai x6, Genoace x3, Desperado x2, Daughseat III (damaged)

Enemies (The Enclave): Lion Westwood Custom (Westwood), Huckebein Mark II M x6, Landlion x8, Barrelion x5
Aero (20:05:01): * "I should probably start taking things more seriously..." With one problem solved Maxwell summoned Etraire and Merlot and began to open fire on the remaining Lions, unloading round after round to clear up the rest of the AMs. +
Peter Kampschroeder (20:05:39): *With no guns on her right now, Jen tries her hand at Tactical Stealth Action-using Nemain's small size and the various buildings for concealment, she ambushes and slices away at whatever enemies she can find wandering around.+ (20:06:12): The Enclave army is in retreat, slowpokes caught in Astara's attacks as the rest tries to get away! (20:06:14): However...
Wyverncakes (20:06:20): * Still more HM Daughtresses to contend with. Roy shifts his focus back to them, pulling his spear out of the ground and attaching it to the pommel of his sword. "Right then. Not done with you losers yet!" Wagner spins as it runs, building up momentum for savage slashes, one after another!+ (20:06:40): Westwood: "Can't rely on them much longer..." (20:06:59): The Barrelions fire off one final barrage! (20:07:35): Explosions shake the sand battlefield - firing towards both Astara, and the group of enemies Roy fights against. Some of the Daughtresses still try to fire back at him. Literally, with flamethrowers. (20:07:36): React. (20:07:39): (Both react) (20:08:23): Jen lunges at a Genoace which was also sneaking around, trying to take a clear shot at Grace. (20:08:58): Only for Westwood's Lion to burst out of hiding, flying above her and shooting the chaingun as it passes by, its vector and speed changing as he tries to circle around the streets. (20:08:59): React.
VJockey (20:09:40): #Jen? (20:09:56): Approved
Wyverncakes (20:11:01): * They might be firing at him, but Roy still remembers where their fuel tanks are from last time! "A jump to the left, and now it's YOUR gooses that are gonna be cooked!" Wagner's short sword gets shot into their ranks, but not aimed at anyone special. Instead... a sudden heat flash blast is unleashed to cook the fuel tanks!+
Aero (20:11:19): * Astara focuses and the air in front of her began to swirl, a few seconds later several massive explosions of intense heat erupted out in front of Maxwell, creating a wall of heat that would devour any round that got anywhere near her. +
VJockey (20:11:43): *Westwood would find himself under fire from the Dinobots. Slag having returned to his dinosaur mode and letting loose with his laser horns, Snarl transforming into robot mode and amping up his blaster with additional power from his solar collectors... while Grimlock? Well... he's making very good use of that minigun that the bisected Shaldoll no longer needed+ (20:14:15): Astara's powerful heat-based barrier blocks the barrage - enemy projectiles exploding prematurely as they come in contact with it. (20:14:17): Most of them. (20:14:31): Roy gets out from the group of enemies - only for a shot to land right in the center of them.
Peter Kampschroeder (20:14:32): *"Hey, watch it!" Jen yells at westwood. She breaks half of her cutting wires up into a smokescreen that conceals Nemain-while the other three form one long whip, which she sends at the legs of Westwood's unit.+ (20:14:42): An explosion causes the Wagner to tumble away on the sand, smoking. (20:14:53): Smoking, but functional. Which is not something that can be said of Sapphire Eyes' lackeys. (20:16:25): Seeing the Autobots attack, Westwood moves up higher - their optics are partially blinded by the light coming from the sun behind him! (20:16:40): He loops, trying to evade the beams... and the whip entangles the Lion. (20:16:47): Westwood: "Oops. Well I'll be." (20:17:39): The minigun and blaster rounds demolish the buildings around him, but despite his dodging efforts, Westwood suffers a hit which burns through the Lion's side, causing its missile pod arm to become useless. It is disattached before exploding. (20:17:57): The unit lands... or rather crashes, in the main "square" of the city, where Grace and Sapphire Eyes were fighting. (20:18:07): Right next to the Daughtress. (20:18:29): Westwood: "Looks like you have me beaten. The Enclave's in retreat... what are you going to do now?" (20:19:59): Sapphire Eyes: "Good question." (20:20:10): Sapphire Eyes: "How's dying while I reach eternal fame and glory sound?!"
frifreeman (20:21:00): Grace: "No, I'll stop you here, make my first million dollar, and continue to live happily ever after.." (20:21:46): The damaged Daughseat, now on fire from all the action that happened, runs towards the square. (20:22:02): It fires its torpedoes before collapsing... and the torpedoes explode right away. (20:22:15): Triggering an even larger explosion of mines that were hidden underneath! (20:22:22): Westwood: "Grace, gyaaah!" (20:22:41): Everyone present in the main part of the city are thrown back.
frifreeman (20:22:47): Grace: "What's this?"
frifreeman (20:23:08): Grace rolls and bounce from rubble to rubble
tengusaur (20:23:20): Daniel: "Watch out! Mi-" Steel Wanderer is thrown into a wall, hitting it heavily. (20:23:25): When you come by and regain actual sense of hearing in your ears. (20:23:36): Grace's Daughtress stands up from its roll - facing a hole under its feet. (20:23:53): A hole that leads towards a cave under the city. (20:24:02): You have an ominous feeling.
Peter Kampschroeder (20:24:06): Jen: "What the hell-?!"
frifreeman (20:24:12): Grace rolls there, trying to dodge the incoming falling rocks (20:24:22): Sapphire Eyes: "Where do you think you're going?!" (20:24:36): The TSF follows her, and a second later - the damaged Lion as well.
tengusaur (20:25:10): Daniel: "...It has to be there. The time machine." (20:25:26): Grace enters the cave - the sun shining from the hole above. It's at its highest point, not obscured even now. (20:25:36): And in the cave you see it. The time machine. (20:26:09): You stare at its face - as it has a face, being literally a clock. A giant ancient clock build of a huge number of gears and more mysterious ancient mechanisms.
frifreeman (20:26:56): Grace: "So... this is it." (20:27:30): You have only a moment to admire the machine before Sapphire Eyes' TSF lands behind you. (20:27:37): And Westwood's Lion behind her. (20:27:44): Westwood: "I'm too late?"
frifreeman (20:28:10): Grace: "Depends on for what." (20:28:14): Sapphire Eyes: "How are you still alive?"
frifreeman (20:28:15): Grace turns to face them both. (20:28:21): "No, nevermind. In a few moments it will be over!" (20:28:33): The two already have gathered distance from each other. It's almost like a circle of three. (20:28:39): Each one staring at two others.
frifreeman (20:28:41): Grace:"Cod liver oil supplement. It's good for you. I sell them in bulk."
frifreeman (20:28:44): (20:29:05): Sapphire Eyes: "I prefer the time machine's power." (20:29:16): Westwood: "Then why didn't you reach for it yet, Sapphire Eyes?" (20:29:26): Sapphire Eyes: "When the sun's at its highest point..." (20:30:00): Westwood: "So that's how it is." He glances at the time machine's clock face. (20:30:10): Only a few moments until noon... (20:30:30): Westwood: "This ends now." (20:30:58): The TSF and the AM look ready to draw (or fire, in latter's case) their weapons...
frifreeman (20:30:58): Grace: "Then I'll have to stop you before noon, and then get some lunch." Grace's Daughtress' fingers crackles on the gun Jen threw at her earlier. (20:31:29): Westwood's damaged unit but steely, unwavering gaze. (20:31:56): Sapphire Eyes' many blades and crazed expression, on the seat of excitement like a kid ready to unpack Christmas presents. (20:31:58): And... Grace (20:32:28): A clash of wills which comes to an end in 3... (20:32:29): 2... (20:32:36): 1... (20:32:41): A second before noon - now. (20:32:42): Grace, act!
frifreeman (20:34:22): Grace raises Jen gun, and fire at Sapphire Eyes! But it's a distraction turned out she also raise another gun, the beam spray gun still works apparently, and fire that one toward her as well from underneath the other arm!+ (20:35:24): Westwood's railgun rises to fire at Sapphire Eyes as well! (20:35:34): But... the TSF spins around and kicks the Lion. (20:35:45): Grace finds her aim obstructed by the AM and Westwood!
frifreeman (20:35:53): Grace: "No!" (20:35:57): Before both of your units are stabbed by knives. (20:36:04): Westwood: "Agh!"
frifreeman (20:36:14): Grace: "Dagnabbit!" (20:36:25): The two fall to the ground, blades sticking out from their torsos. (20:36:32): Sapphire Eyes: "Then, to the victor the spoils!" (20:36:40): Sapphire Eyes: "I always knew I had it in me!" (20:36:54): It's noon. The time machine's clock hands move. (20:37:17): Energy starts to gather around it... and around the TSF as it comes closer. Runes appear on both of the engines. (20:37:47): Sapphire Eyes: "Yes! Now, do you have any last words?"
frifreeman (20:37:51): But sapphire eyes hears a chuckle. It's Grace's. (20:38:02): Sapphire Eyes: "Last words before I reform history and make you... oh?
frifreeman (20:39:25): Grace:"Well, If you remember, I arrived here first. Do you think I spent those time lazing around? Remember, a merchant's main rule is: First mover advantage."
frifreeman (20:40:28): And from underneath the Daughtress' tarp cloak, grace slowly and dramatically shows something. A piece of machinery. "I wonder what does this thing do. Might it make the time machine explode? STrand you at the beginning of universe without it?" (20:40:47): Sapphire Eyes: "What?" (20:40:57): The TSF physically turns around to glance at the time machine. (20:41:06): Is it just her does a piece of it seem missing? (20:41:14): Westwood: "Ha... ha... well played." (20:41:26): Sapphire Eyes: "No! Everything I lay a claim on... this too is mine!" (20:41:49): The black Zhuravlik lunges forward, leaving the time vortex which disappears as the runes fade. (20:41:58): Sapphire Eyes: "Give it back!" (20:42:03): She tries to grab at the piece of machinery.
frifreeman (20:42:18): Grace: "Gah!" Grace don't have the energy to dodge or fight back. (20:42:39): She takes it quickly, and already pulls a knife with her off hand, but...
frifreeman (20:42:50): Grace:"If you want it so much, just take it!" (20:42:52): Bang, bang. The Lion's railgun fires twice before giving.
frifreeman (20:42:57): "No need to force me, geez"
frifreeman (20:43:16): Grace: "It's just a random piece of junk I have, I still have much more in my place." (20:43:18): It wasn't aimed at the TSF. (20:43:27): Sapphire Eyes: "What? ... What?!" (20:43:42): The shots were aimed at the time machine, now really looking damaged, with pieces missing. (20:44:20): Sapphire Eyes: "You were bluffing? You low life wretch, I will skin you alive!" (20:44:35): She raises her knife, only for the time machine to crack as it activates again. (20:44:42): The runes on the TSF flare up again. (20:45:06): Sapphire Eyes: "What's going on? At least, I willl... aaah!" (20:45:15): Westwood: "Better get out of here..." (20:45:36): The TSF is being pulled into the time machine, Sapphire Eyes desperately clawing and trying to grab at Grace's daughtress at least!
frifreeman (20:48:20): Grace: "Good bye Sapphire Eyes. I'm flattered, but I think it's time we go separate ways." The arm that Sapphiree eys' grabs joints pops off in a small explosion, separating it from the daughtress. "Heh, get it? Separate ways."
frifreeman (20:48:38): She says before boosting away from there with the remaining fuel in her thruster. (20:49:05): Sapphire Eyes: "Damn youuu!" (20:49:36): The unit is drawn towards the energy field, now a vortex sucking everything in. (20:49:48): Except... as soon as the TSF touches the time machine - both disappear. (20:49:52): Just... like that. (20:49:59): One moment they are there, the other - the cave is empty. (20:50:08): Empty except for Grace, Westwood and their units. (20:50:36): Westwood: "..." (20:50:40): Suddenly, it's very quiet.
tengusaur (20:51:59): Steel Wanderer appears in the entrance to the cave, its approach disrupting the silence.
tengusaur (20:52:34): Daniel: "Where's Sapphire Eyes?" (20:52:41): Westwood: "Heh..."
frifreeman (20:52:48): Grace: "At the jurassic era, maybe." (20:52:51): "Looks like, you win after all kid."
frifreeman (20:53:14): Grace:"It's the cod liver oil. Buy one dozen from me get another dozen."
tengusaur (20:53:20): Daniel: "I don't envy the dinosaurs."
tengusaur (20:53:44): Daniel: "Westwood. Are you still going to..."
tengusaur (20:53:55): Steel Wanderer's hand hovers over the Gun of God again. (20:54:32): Westwood: "I'm a man of my word. Grace beat me, fair and square." (20:54:46): The Lion slowly gets up, not without help of its thrusters. (20:55:08): Westwood: "Sides... the time machine's gone. Who knows where it is now. Or when."
tengusaur (20:57:33): Daniel: "I see. You should probably get out of here."
tengusaur (20:57:43): Daniel: "Grace. Everything okay now?"
frifreeman (20:58:31): Grace: "I guess this is it then! Now if only you can give me a piggybag ride out of here before the cave fall on top of us, that'd be great. (20:58:49): And so (20:59:07): MISSION COMPLETE (20:59:15): Also: (20:59:27): An epilogue (prologue?) (20:59:53): Late 19th century, common era... (21:00:07): Suddenly in the middle of the sands, something appears out of thin air. (21:00:26): Two machines, no longer functional. The clock-like one smokes for a few seconds - and then explodes, further damaging the other, humanoid one. (21:00:49): The humanoid one can take only a few steps before collapsing, releasing its pilot. The sands and rust of time will claim it soon... (21:01:05): The pilot looked around, uncertainity washing over anger and confusion. (21:01:22): But, only for a moment. Soon enough, she starts to walk. (21:01:29): It's a long way to reach any kind of civilization...
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